Custom Arrows

The worlds greatest archers have always chosen arrows manufactured from Port Orford Cedar because this wood is more consistently dependable than the other woods.  Tests carried out with other woods--Fir, Pine, Maple, Spruce and other cedars show that none of them measures up to the performance and the dependability of PORT ORFORD CEDAR.  This beautifully textured, long-lasting wood is very strong.  It remains  true and resilient after being converted into arrows, making it the most desirable of all natural arrow materials.

Port Orford Cedar's superior modulus of elasticity, especially when compared to its physical weight, contributes to its efficiency when used in the manufacture of arrows.   Arrows recover from the stresses suffered when being shot from a bow.   Distortion caused by these stresses is eliminated by Port Orford Cedar's high compression strength, shear strength, maximum tensile strength and load strength perpendicular to it's grain.

Custom arrows come with your choice of:

Steel field points or blunts
Shaft lacquer colors in Buck Brown, Dark Walnut, Oxblood or Deep Forest Green
True-Flight solid color feathers
Stotler Mid-Nocks

Options include:

Cresting, in white, blue, yellow, red or green
Crown dip in white, blue, yellow, red or green
Dyed-barred, Maxi-fletch or True-barred Turkey feathers
Zwickey Field Points
Zwickey Black Diamond Broadheads
Zwickey Delta Broadheads
Zwickey Judo Glue-on

Flu-Flus come with your choice of:

Shaft lacquer color
Feather color


Description Price
Custom Arrows per dozen $75.00
Options include:
Cresting per dozen $12.00
Crown Dip per dozen $12.00
Dyed-barred per dozen $ 3.00
Maxi-Fletch per dozen $ 3.00
True-barred Turkey per dozen $19.00
Zwickey Field Points per dozen $ 2.40
Zwickey Black Diamond Broadheads per dozen $36.00
Zwickey Delta Broadheads per dozen $36.00
Zwickey Judo Glue-on per dozen $42.00

What's your correct Spine Weight? Click on "Spine Weight" and  check the chart.

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To order our brochure:

Send $2.00 to

Stotler Archery
P O Box 516
Coquille, OR 97423

You will receive our brochure, price list, order form, and a coupon worth $3.00 off your next order.  Please be aware that information contained in the brochure can be viewed at this website.

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