Bugg Off

made from Port Orford Cedar oil

100% natural bug repellant that will give effective protection from annoying insects, including mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, flies, and pretty much all of the other insects that are after your blood (with the exception of Vampires, it is still recommended that you keep a wooden stake or a silver bullet handy)!   Effective as a scent eliminator!

Bugg Off!

works to stop annoying insects due to the action of the ingredients of the Port Orford Cedar on their odor organs!  They don't like it, they leave and go find someone else to chew on.
especially mild on the skin due to it's 100% natural ingredients.
Non-toxic! and produced according to the standards of the Oregon Tilth Organization.
works as a scent eliminator, the wonderful aroma of Port Orford Cedar seems to have no detrimental effect on elk, deer and other wild animals, they accept it as a natural part of their forest.

Native Americans in our corner of the world have been using Port Orford Cedar oil for hundreds, maybe thousands of years to keep away annoying insects.  "Bugg Off" has been tested all across the good old USA from sea to shining sea and up into Alaska and Canada.  In every case the results are the same, "Bugg Off" works!

We are the only company  that has been able to distill oil from the Port Orford Cedar tree in a manner that does not require the cutting of trees.  All other ingredients are from renewable resources!

Because of the all natural ingredients, several (2-3) applications may be necessary for desired results.  Spray clothing for optimum effect.

$6.95 per 4oz. spray or lotion bottle

Do yourself, your family and your pets a favor by researching a new line of pet and horse care products made with non-toxic Port Orford Cedar oil and other all-natural ingredients--- Visit POCO, LLC at their website www.poco.nu.

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