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I got this deer the first day of hunting season with my Stotler Bow.  I like my Stotler so much it is the only bow I will be hunting with from here on in!!!...Fred Cioffi


Michael Peterson, country western star.  Michael sent us this picture after receiving his Stotler Bow.

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I collected fourteen pheasants with my new "Old Reliable" over the weekend and I just ordered another one, great bow!
--John Paullus, Coos Bay, Oregon

Been shooting a Stotler for ten years now, all over the world and have never had a failure of any kind, they are reliable, a joy to shoot and the workmanship is as good as it gets.--Dennis Kamstra
Visit Dennis Kamstra of  Bowhunting Safari Consultants at his website,


Being Left-handed a good bow is hard to find...Stotler is the best!........Dr. Ramon Oceguera of Sagitarrius Archery in Pasadena, California

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..Here is a picture of a nice buck I shot with my Stotler longbow... Don Meier

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..Robin MacIntosh (in red plaid jacket) in Germany competes with his Stotler GameGetter Elite Longbow placing 8th out of 60..

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...This was my first caribou hunt and I used the new Stotler Game Getter Breakdown you made me just weeks before.  When I opened the box it's beauty and grace were mesmerizing.  The bow felt natural in my grip and I was able to shoot groups with ease.  I left home with confidence that it would perform flawlessly.

    As you can see it served me well....Bob Solimena, owner of Antelope Traditional Archery, Concord, CA

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My Stotler bows are smooth, fast and accurate.  I have never seen such craftsmanship till I saw Stotler bows....Joe Garwood, Garwood Archery, Veneta, OR


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I like my one-piece recurve so much, I've ordered a take-down ...Don Parks, Jr.

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