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We make the world's greatest bows!

Bob Stotler (a designer of fine bows since 1936) left Howard Hill Archery, where he was head bowmaker for 25 years, to concentrate on designing and crafting bows for Stotler Archery, the company he started with his brothers Jim and Wayne.

That experience is our edge on the competition

Today's Stotler bows are designed for the hunting archer, but just as much at home in the hand of the target and tournament archer.  Our Stotler Longbows and Recurves are designed for comfort, speed, endurance, and above all, accuracy.  And this is easily understood when you consider the care that goes into the production of each of our one-of-a -kind, hand crafted bows.


              Bob Stotler the man behind                    Jerry Dishion the man 
              the tradition "Have Fun"                          carrying on the tradition

Other Fine Products Available

Custom Arrows

Premium Port Orford Cedar shafting by "Rose City"
Visit Rose City Archery at http://www.rosecityarchery.com

Exclusive Stotler Mid-Nock

Bugg Off!

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Visit Rose City Archery at their website: http://www.rosecityarchery.com