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Monday, 29 December 2008
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Please take a minute and check out the products we offer.  You can click on the side or the top and there will be information and a photo to give you an idea of the quality workmanship or you can contact us and we will email you more in depth information.


Stotler Bows are each truly one-of-a-kind weapons crafted just for you, including detail materials you select.


Choose your Godon Bow-Tuff fiberglass lamination color from black, brown, or clear.


Because so many discerning archers have asked us for special exotic hardwood risers, we offer you a selection of choices.  You can click on the wood to get a picture of what it will look like.  We apologize we don't have all the selections available yet, but they will be.

Bubinga                                   Bacote                                                                 Tiger

Osage                                      Purple Heart                                                        Osage & Paduke

Wenge                                     Myrtle & Teak                                                      Tiger & Zebra

Birds-eye Maple                                Zebra & Purple Heart                                           Myrtle

Curly Maple                              Myrtle & Purple Heart                                           Rosewood & Wenge

Granadillo                                 Mexican Rosewood & Purple Heart                 Osage & Cocobolo

Zebra                                      Myrtle & Birds-eye Maple                                      Charcoal Dymondwood

Lacewood                                 Wenge & Osage                                                   Rosewood

Mexican Rosewood                Myrtle & Wenge                                                Zebra & Wenge               

Charcoal                                 Rosewood & Myrtle

We match your tip overlays to your riser wood selection. 

Stotler one piece and break-down bows are crafted by hand using the finest woods and other materials available.  Features are shared by each model and extra engineering is carried out to add the break-downs convenience.


  • One piece stave construction ensures integrity of laminations and strength.
  • Hardwood riser; you get to choose from the many exotic hardwoods that we carry.
  • Custom fitted grip because no two hands are alike.  An archer must have a sure, comfortable grip on his his weapon
  • Each bow is precisely engineered for maximun string life.
  • Unique tip inserts of phenolic guard against bow damage.
  • Hardwood tip overlays are added for maximum string life.
  • Each stave is meticulously hewn by hand to its final shape; painstakingly sanded, then given 7 coats of resin.  The final sanding and buffing created a deep, rich, long-lasting luster.
  • Fast-Flite string with cat's whisker string silencer.
  • Bows are personally chronographed by Dan Heitstuman.  Results are documented and delivered with the weapon.
  • Each Stotler bow comes with its own Bow Sock.
  • If you purchase a Break-Down of any of the Medalist or Game Getters, you can easily reconstruct it in the field.  Limbs fit together in only one way...mistakes are not possible.  Sorry, but the Break-Down option is not available on "Old Reliable".
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