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Break Down Bows
Break Down Bows
Monday, 29 December 2008

Before we introduced our Break Downs, Bob Stotler's designs showed that our fine traditional bows could be retooled to a break down configuration without affecting performance.  Stotler Break-Downs sacrifice nothing for their extra convenience.  The same one piece construction, full length laminations, tillered as a single unit to ensure that the limbs work together, in harmony for correct balance and arrow flight; with all the fine craftsmanship and performance you expect from Stotler weapons.


After the one piece stave is meticulously completed, the bow is carefully cut at a precisely engineered angle and stainless steel coupling dowels are inserted forming a union.  Special hardened steel hexagonal head lock studs are used to reconstruct the bow.  The upper and lower limbs fit only one way ensuring that the bow's balance is maintained.


Break-Down is available only on the Medalist Recurve and Game Getter Longbow and both look and perform in the same way as their one piece counterpart.


The only difference with the break-down is added carrying convenience!  The three units of the break-down fit in a smaller, easy to carry holster.


To place an order, please download the Order Form , fill it out with the trace our of your hand on the back, and mail it back to us. 
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