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Archers Successes
Monday, 29 December 2008

Send us your stories and pics of hunts and kills with your Stotler Bow.



  I received the bow this afternoon in good order. Excellent packaging by the way. What a beauty. Anyone who can look at this bow and tell me black glass can't make a great looking bow needs their eyes examined. I hope you liked the combination as well. This is exactly how I wanted it, great job! It draws really smooth and I'm looking forward to shooting it a good bit this weekend. Poundage seems perfect. I figure my 1916's should do really well from it. I'll be back in touch once I give it a work out. Thanks!!,


Dave H




 "Your bow works", Bob B



I have been having way too much fun with my bow.  Great Job!  It is beautiful and shoots fantastic.  I am very pleased with the tones and colors of wood that you chose.  It chronographed as advertised at 190 fps using 450 gr. carbon arrows and 177 fps with cedar shafts.  This is about 5 to 7 fps faster than my other bow that is 10 lbs heavier draw wt.  I have attached the first victim ... a small Texas Hill Country 95# doe.  Thanks again.  ~Paul K, Texas







I have attached a picture of a nice 3 by 2 Blacktail Buck I shot with my Gamegetter Elite Takedown.  She is 57 @ 27 inches and is 66 inches.  This deer was shot from a tree stand at 25 yards and he whent down in under 15 yards with a 2018 arrow with some ancient Ben Pearson broadheads.  These bows are smooth, stable and quiet and they shoot great. I own six Stotler bows (2 Gamegetters, 2 Gamebusters and 2 Stickbows) so I have to admitt to being a very biased user of this great product.  Continued good luck to you and the great Stotler brand!  ~Mark H.









I  killed this bull in unit 7w.  After 8 days. I got into the middle of a herd and he came over to see what I was.  It ended up with a 4 yard shot and a 50 yard recovery.  I shot him from a sitting position so I was low on the near side and high on the off side.  He was spinning and jumping when I shot him.  It was a double lung hit. I cut a rib going in and a rib coming out.  I shoot a 66" Game Getter Elite take down its 62# @ 28"

~Michael P 

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