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Old Reliable.gif (31236 bytes)A  bow in the finest tradition!   Old Reliable, designed by the master!

In 1946 Howard Hill created a longbow for his best friend and hunting companion, Wayne Stotler.  Mr. Hill incorporated all the finest elements of design that went to produce a weapon of strength, speed, accuracy, smoothness and reliability.   The resulting bow was beautiful and a joy to shoot!

So "Old Reliable" came to be.

I have brought back Old Reliable to commemorate the warm friendship that Howard and Wayne shared in life.  Together they explored and hunted the hills of Southern California and the islands off the coast.  Fourteen months together on the Tembo Safari in Africa, they shared the ultimate hunting experience!  And during the last sixteen years of Wayne's life, Howard and Old Reliable were never far from his side..true and trusted friends.

Now you can share in the tradition.

Old Reliable is offered in two lengths, 61" and 65", with standard hard rock maple laminations, or choose from Bamboo, Yew, Osage or exclusive Port Orford Cedar.  You can also choose your riser wood and the color of your fiberglass (clear, black, brown or gray).  Your bow comes with a Flemish twist fast flight string and custom bow sock.

Old Reliable carries Stotlers' standard 2 year warranty

Customize your bow with special option laminations and fiberglass lamination color


Specifications and Pricing

"Old Reliable"

Break down design

Not available

Standard riser
Exotic Riser woods

Hard Rock Maple

Osage, Red Elm, Bamboo, Yew

Gordon Bow-Tuff fiberglass: in your choice of clear, brown, black or grey

Uni-Carbon Graphite

Leather Grip
Resin Finish; hand sanded & buffed
Fast Flite String
Nock & Cat Whisker string silencer
Chronograph performance profile
Bow Case
To order: Stotler Bows are a "custom-made to fit item", because of the wide range of variables involved in producing a custom bow to fit your need we ask that you please phone 208-687-0571 to place your order.

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