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All Stotler Bows manufactured by Stotler Archery have the same guarantee.

Two (2) years, Pro-rated.

To the original owner, we guarantee..

For the first six months your bow is covered for full replacement if any damage occurs due to defect in materials or workmanship.  After six months it goes on a declining scale of 6% per month for the remaining 18 months.

The final determination as to whether or not the bow is covered under warranty is at the sole discretion of Stotler Archery.

We are very liberal about our guarantee, but, it is up to the owner to use common sense in the care of his/her bow.  Watch the string tips for fraying, check your nocks for cracks that could case a dry fire, store your bow properly.  These bows are made to be the best they can be and like any finely tuned instrument they require proper care.

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